Sunday, September 23, 2012

Letter of the Day: M!

Think PINK!
September 18 - October 15 we are turning PINK!
For Breast Cancer Awareness!

Hello everyone, and thank you for coming back to see another design team project for My Cricut Craft Room! Today's theme is the letter "M." Continue reading to see how I made this adorable mouse card!

I cut the mouse and all her layers at 4 inches using Four Legged Friends. I then adhered her to the card base using dimensional adhesive tape. The little cake is a stamp that I stamped multiple times on various colors of cardstock/patterned paper, which I paper-pieced together. I then tied a rather large bow around the mouse's neck. After I was finished, I felt like the card was a little "left side" heavy, if that makes sense, so I added the clear bling to help draw your eye around the card. I just love this little mouse. I think she turned out super adorable. This card is fairly easy, and would lend itself to mass producing if you cut all the pieces at once and then assembled them.

I just wanted to let you all know on a more personal note that in the month of October I will be taking a bit of a crafting/blogging hiatus. My husband and I are relocating to another city an hour away, so I will be busy with the moving process. I will be sure to pop in and say hello, and of course, visit all my design team sister's blogs!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Scrapbook Friday: Cute Critters!

September 18 - October 15 we are turning PINK!
For Breast Cancer Awareness!

Today's design team post for My Cricut Craft Room is cute critters. I was going for a woodland type feel, but I'm not so sure I'm loving the finished project. Sometimes that happens, though. Please continue reading for details on how I made this project.

I used an ugly old file folder and covered it with paper. This is a much easier way of storing scrapbook layouts. They're like flat little "books." I think I might have to make more of these in the future.

The front cover:

I used that random scoring technique I talked about a while back on my Perfect Escape post, which can be found here. I then sanded it (again, SURPRISE!) and added the cute little owl. The scalloped oval is from CCR Basics.

The inside:

Of course (you should have known) I sanded the background paper. One of these days I will get over sanding everything, but for now... it's unavoidable. I just love the look it gives.

I free handed the tree, and cut the rest of the critters from Nate's ABC's all at 4 inches. The cuts I used were the quail, snail, and the owl. The butterfly cuts out with the snail, but I didn't use them all as one cut, I separated them. The clouds are also from Nate's ABC's, and they were cut at 2.5, 2. and 1.5 using the Font 2 feature.

I then free hand cut some grass, and my project was done! :) There's more room for pictures on the right side of the layout, but I don't have the pictures I wanted to use printed.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cricut Craft Room Help Guide. FREE, and amazing!

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Would You Ever Guess Wednesday - Rosette

Thank you for coming back to check out another design team post for My Cricut Craft Room! Today we were asked to make something with a rosette on it. For some reason, I immediately thought of a snowman, but I wanted to do an "elegant" snowman. Here is what I came up with:

I struggled with whether or not to put a face on it. So far, I have chosen not to, but I might add one down the road. If you'd like to add a face, I would plan that out BEFORE you hot glue the top rosette on.

For the base circles of the snowman I used Plantin Schoolbook and cut them out of white cs at 3.5, 4.5, and 5.5. I then used Home Accents to cut out the snowflake shapes at the same sizes using gray cs. I used a one inch circle punch and adhered the circles to the back of the base shapes to form scallops. The paper for those is white with sparkly silver design.

For the rosettes, I used a lighter gray cs and cut them at various widths, but they were all 12 inches long. My rosettes started as 3/4, 1, and 1 1/4 by 12 inch strips. I scored each piece every .5 inch, and then folded it mountain/valley style. I punched out three more 1 inch circles, and adhered the rosettes with hot glue.

I then used a snowflake punch for the rosette centers. I used a piece of ribbon for for scarf, and our snowman      (or woman?) is done! :) The whole snowman from top to bottom is roughly 13 inches long. You could adjust the size larger or smaller if you would like, by making the circles different sizes. However, keep in mind you need them to be small, medium, and large.

Hope you enjoyed today's project. To see more projects like this, please visit My Cricut Craft Room.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Card Creating Tuesday

Hello, and welcome to another design team post for My Cricut Craft Room! Today we were instructed to create a card with a window. I decided to make a shadowbox card. There are many tutorials on Youtube for you to see exactly how the base card is constructed. I feel as though it would be easier for you to watch how to do it, than for me to fumble with words trying to explain it. If you need help, you can use this link. I by no means am telling you you need Stampin Up! products to do this. You don't. :) Use whatever you have at home.

Scallop Square from CCR Basics cut at 4.236
Background 4 from Spring Holiday Cards cut at 2.875
Castle, and castle layer from Birthday Cakes cut at 2.722
Wand, from Birthday Cakes cut at 3.056

Weld the background 4 shape onto one of the scalloped squares to form the "window." You could do this with a regular card too, and pop the window part up to make it stand out. Next, I layered the castle pieces together and adhered it to the base using foam tape. After I adhered the princess wand, I added glitter to it. I used some yarn to tie a bow, and the card is essentially finished. You could add a sentiment if you want, or embellish it further. Hope you liked today's project.

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